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Standout Sailfish

Palm Beach Atlantic University students are equipped and prepared to enter the workforce at their calling upon graduation. Here are some stories of alumni life and work following graduation from Palm Beach Atlantic University and their journeys to get there. 

Palm Beach Atlantic alumna Amanda SanzAmanda Sanz '18




Palm Beach Atlantic alumna Taylor Volkens

Taylor Volkens '15

Cinema Arts

Freelance Filmaker & Photographer


Palm Beach Atlantic alumna Cody Peters

Cody Peters '18


Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Nurse

Palm Beach Atlantic graduate Brinton Lindsey

Brinton Charles Lindsey '12


Machinist in-training


Palm Beach Atlantic alumna Jasmyne Powell

Jasmyne Powell '17

Business Administration & Management

Human Resources Specialist/Consultant 


Palm Beach Atlantic alumna Danielle DiPiero

Danielle DiPiero '10


Family Physician


Palm Beach Atlantic alumna Cody nelson

Cody Nelson '18


Sales Marketing Coordinator


Palm Beach Atlantic graduate Nate Cousineau

Nate Cousineau '09

Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Program Officer


Palm Beach Atlantic graduate Jonathan Rios

Jonathan Rios '13

Master of Counseling Psychology

Owner, Co-Founder of Thriiv Company


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