Sailfish TV

Sailfish TV is PBA's private fiber optic cable TV system. Sailfish TV consists of 33 various cable channels, including three channels that can be used by PBA to provide information and personalized video programming.

Channel 2 is known as the Campus News Channel (CNC), which provides news and announcements about campus-related events and activities on a weekly basis.

Channel 33 also can be used to air videos that have been produced by students with professional digital video editing equipment. Club TV was formed to get more students involved in producing videos for Sailfish TV.

Digital Video Editing Stations

Sailfish TV can be viewed throughout the entire campus on any television that is connected to the cable system. There are a number of televisions located in public viewing areas, such as PBA Central, the Student Center and Common Ground Café. Each residence hall also contains cable connections so that every student who lives on campus can enjoy Sailfish TV!