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July 31, 2015

Palm Beach Atlantic University's Lloyd L. Gregory School of Pharmacy conducts a hooding ceremony each year for students earning their doctoral degree. These graduates have a host of opportunities awaiting them.


Pharmacy is a highly attractive career field, and there is no place better than PBA to take the first step toward becoming a part of such a respected profession.

There are many exciting career opportunities available for new pharmacists in a variety of practice settings, and the Lloyd L. Gregory School of Pharmacy provides training that prepares its graduates to pursue a full range of options. The program is designed to foster excellence in three different realms of performance: academic, professional and spiritual. 

As a Christian, faith-based institution, education at the Gregory School of Pharmacy takes a holistic approach to developing the individual, with an abundance of hands-on experience built into the curriculum. We also offer you scholarships, internships and the ability to partner with local facilities to get training and experience outside the classroom. 

The need for pharmacists is still on the rise, as our aging population fills increasing numbers of prescriptions and new medications are constantly being developed. Meanwhile, the vital role of the pharmacist as a skilled and knowledgeable health care provider continues to expand.

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