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Palm Beach Atlantic University graduate Patrick Maurer

Patrick Maurer '16

Human Performance and Sport

Describe your current job role:

Currently I am working for Cardinal Health doing Pharmaceutical Sales. I am based in our Nashville branch. I specialize in the selling of specialty medication, which is just a medical term for “life-saving medication.” Examples of this include: chemotherapy medication, chemotherapy overdose medication, Anti-venom Rabies treatment and more.

Cardinal Health is a distributor, so I sell the products to pharmacies, hospitals and clinics. Not only do I find new business, but I maintain the relationships with my current customers. I love what I do—every day I get to come in and work with doctors to provide medications that save the lives of individuals in need.

What professional experience(s) did you have prior to your current job role?

Prior to Cardinal Health, I received my sales experience from working with the Miami Dolphins. I was a membership development associate with the Dolphins, in which I would seek new business to form a suite partnership for the season, or reach out to local fans, invite them down for a tour of Hard Rock Stadium and see if there was a fit for season membership. Working in the NFL was definitely a unique experience; however, working in the medical aspect of sales was always my end goal.

What do you know now that you wish you had known about being a working professional?

It is hard work even when you do a job you love. We are blessed with the opportunity to have careers but they are tiring and hard work. Develop habits that allow you to recharge so you do not experience burnout. Work hard to maintain close friendships that you have grown and poured into the past four years of college, though your career may call you away. Fortunately for me, this was taught to me before entering the career field and I now see the validity in it.

"Any task that has been given to you, always complete it a step above that was asked."

How did PBA prepare you for the world of work?

PBA has many professors who are over qualified in their respective fields. Their wisdom, and more importantly willingness to sit down and meet with you outside of class, really helped prepare me for the world of work. Their experience and willingness to share and invest in my dreams allowed me to align my career dreams with the work ethic and knowledge needed to succeed.

What advice would you give to current PBA students and/or young alumni who are about to start their first professional full-time job?

Research every aspect of the company you are going to be working for; don’t just rely on being taught everything—you do the research so you can be ahead of the game. Any task that has been given to you, always complete it a step above that was asked. I have been very blessed to move up quickly in my two sales careers by simply following these two traits.

Read the book “Knock ‘Em Dead” by Martin Yates. It will change the way you prepare for finding for a job. I am not a reader, but this book changed the game for me.

Have you been mentored by anyone in your professional field since entering the workforce? If so, what impact has that had on you?

Absolutely! ALWAYS seek guidance no matter how far up the corporate ladder you move. Guidance keeps you humble and accountable to not only the job responsibilities, but also the authority within your career. I had a family friend who was retired from Pharmaceutical sales, and I met with him once a week to fully understand the job, how to get there and how to do well. Without these meetings, I would have not been as prepared as I was for the interview process and also the job itself.

Spotlight posted in October 2017. For current updates from Patrick, visit his LinkedIn page. 

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