New Parents Council Co-chairs Offer Tips to Parents


Kathleen and Dave Michaeli pose for a photo with their daughter, Abbi, a junior studying biology and serving as vice president of Student Government.From the newly appointed co-chairs of the Parents Council comes this advice to parents of PBA students: listen, encourage and don’t worry.

Dave and Kathleen Michaeli live in Tega Cay, S.C., about 10 hours from West Palm Beach. Despite that distance, they’re not anxious about their daughter, Abbi, who is now a junior.

“As we went through that first move-in with Abbi and watched her that first semester, I realized that everything PBA tells new parents is true: all the love and caring you hear about,” said Dave.

“I really feel that the people God has brought to PBA and the plan that He is working through these people is a plan that I believe in and I trust,” said Dave. “These amazing, talented people on staff and faculty are not just doing their jobs; they are caring about our students and pouring into them. And that just gives me a tremendous amount of peace.”

Kathleen agreed. So she wants to make other parents comfortable about their young students being away from home, even in this challenging time of COVID. Her advice to parents? Listen.

“Listen to your students and learn what they are doing and where they are going,” said Kathleen. “Read the emails from school; look at all the sites, like Facebook, Instagram, It gives you so much information and peace of mind if you just follow and read and listen to everything.”

“Abbi has so much joy when we talk to her,” said Dave. Abbi is studying marine biology, and is vice president of Student Government. “Seeing her blossom and thrive and grow is so heartwarming,” said her father.

“The growth and the feeling of community, that just comes from getting involved,” said Dave, so he suggests that parents urge their students to explore the many clubs, activities and opportunities PBA offers.

“Your experience at PBA is a gift,” said Dave, “but you have to be willing to unwrap it and open the box.”

Kathleen and Dave and other Parents Council members strive to provide effective parent-university interaction through events and services such as Zoom meetings and open houses. They listen to concerns of other parents and share those concerns with PBA administrators.

Parents Council members have monthly prayer meetings and communicate regularly with current and prospective PBA parents. For more information, see Parents Council.

Photo: Kathleen and Dave Michaeli pose for a photo with their daughter, Abbi, a junior studying biology and serving as vice president of Student Government.