New Bachelor of Music Degree Shapes Versatile Worship Leaders


The University has a new degree in worship leadership.Modern worship leaders need to juggle a variety of ministry roles, and a new degree prepares them for just that.

The Bachelor of Music in worship leadership incorporates courses in music, biblical studies and leadership, said Roget Pontbriand, assistant professor of popular music and the program’s director.

“Typically, in order to have a full-time position in music in the church, you also have to have the ministerial and leadership skills,” Pontbriand said. “We put this program together to meet that need.”

Musicians are known for their discipline, specifically their ability to spend many hours alone perfecting their performance. Courses in this major hone additional skills, such as building a team, collaborating with others and applying critical thinking, Pontbriand said. On the technical side, the program includes computer applications, audio engineering and production coursework.

The professional degree strikes a good balance between ministry and music courses, Pontbriand said. With 12 hours of elective credits, students can tailor the degree to their interests. Additionally, students will complete a one-semester internship while enrolled in the program.

Prospective students must audition and be accepted into the School of Music & Fine Arts to be in the major.

“People who choose this are serious about going into full-time employment in the ministry,” Pontbriand said.

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