New Graduate Degree Prepares Educators for Leadership


The University launches a Master of Science in educational leadership in the fall.A new Master of Science in Educational Leadership degree will prepare classroom teachers for administrator roles where they can have an outsized influence on education.

The fully-online program is set to launch in August and can be completed in one calendar year, said Dr. Marcia Bedasse, program director and associate professor of education. The degree has 10 required courses and is intensive in research-based application of concepts in schools.

The School of Education and Behavioral Studies has a rightfully-earned reputation for producing outstanding graduates, Bedasse said. This program builds on that.

“We want to equip individuals to step into roles where they are going to be leading schools or institutions in ways that positively impact education,” Bedasse said. “As Christian educators, the ‘why’ behind what we do is important. The ‘why’ is to empower students to take care of themselves long after you’re gone.”

Good administrators need to lead by example and be flexible and forward-thinking, Bedasse said. Additionally, they must be aware of state requirements for school improvement.

The anticipated demand for school administrators at the elementary, middle and high school levels is expected to increase 6 percent nationwide by 2022, according to the National Association of Secondary School Principals. Public and private school classroom teachers, resource teachers and professional support personnel may consider becoming school administrators.

In Florida, there is a renewed effort to increase the number of qualified teachers and administrators. Faculty from the School of Education and Behavioral Studies reviewed Florida Department of Education and Florida Association of Colleges for Teacher Education data on the administrator shortage and found that no Christian programs existed in the area.

School districts intentionally recruit individuals who hold educational leadership degrees, and six of the largest school districts in the state – Dade, Broward, Brevard, Hillsborough, Marion, Orange, Osceola, Polk and Pasco Counties – are in the region.

An educational leadership degree is also required to become an academic dean, curriculum director, chief academic officer, dean of students or faculty, instructional coordinator and superintendent.

The Master of Science in Educational Leadership provides a rigorous educational environment and a supportive Christian community that leads to intellectual, spiritual and personal character development. Graduates are prepared to make an impact for God’s kingdom through their commitment to creating strong and safe learning environments for all students.

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