Hands-On Summer Camps Teach Children Science


Youth science campers work on an experiment in a PBA lab in summer 2018.Palm Beach Atlantic University offers summer science camps that allow children and teens to explore math, motion and renewable energy through hands-on activities.

The Center for Integrative Science Learning coordinates camps for incoming first through fifth graders and institutes for incoming sixth through 12th graders. The programs incorporate state science standards into fun, unconventional approaches.

Throughout the week, students do hands-on activities with PBA professors and a counselor. Activities include shooting 2-liter water rockets and dropping a watermelon from the parking garage. Older campers program robots.

In the renewable energy camps, students learn what renewable energy is and why it’s needed. Students will make a water wheel, experiment with solar cells and use Geiger counters to measure low-level radiation in samples.

“It really helps reinforce those ideas that they’ve come across and will come across,” said camp director Dr. Fred Browning, professor of physics.

The older, institute students experience two, two-hour lab sessions each day. Professors from a variety of disciplines – science, math and nursing – teach the sessions, Browning said.

The mathematics and motion programs are June 10 to 14. Renewable energy programs are June 17 to 21. Camp tuition is $225 per student; institute tuition is $300 per student. For more information or to register: www.pba.edu/summer-science-programs.


Photo: Science campers work on an experiment in a PBA lab in 2018.