Nursing Group Honors Professor


The Nurse Practitioner Council of Palm Beach County named associate professor Dr. Jennifer Kuretski as the 2018 Nurse Practitioner of the Year.

Kuretski is celebrating her tenth year as a family nurse practitioner and is the council’s vice president. She joined Palm Beach Atlantic University’s School of Nursing in 2016. She was surprised to receive special recognition from her peers.

Nurse Award 2019“It was very humbling. I was happy because I think it’s really important for people in my position to lead by example and inspire other people,” Kuretski said. “The work that you do every day doesn’t go unnoticed by God.”

Kuretski, the university’s nurse practitioner program degree track chair, keeps her award on the bookshelves in her office so that her students can see it. She leads and co-hosts a new nurse practitioner mentorship program to help Doctor of Nursing Practice-Family Nurse Practitioner graduates adjust to clinical practice during their first year.

In addition to her academic work, Kuretski opened a new Midway Specialty Care Center office in West Palm Beach, where she serves patients in the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections. She began seeing patients in January.

She worked in an HIV clinic in her first clinical rotation as she completed her master’s degree. The experience piqued her interest in infectious diseases.

Treating HIV is her clinical passion because of the rapid change of the virus, the endless opportunities to keep learning and the ability to care for people who others may not want to – “just like the story of the leper in the Bible,” she said.  

Kuretski’s personal motto is “Care for all, lead by example and, above all, continue to inspire others.”


Photo:  Associate professor Dr. Jennifer Kuretski as the 2018 Nurse Practitioner of the Year (2019)