The President's Report: 2016-17

The cover of the President's Report 2017

Health care: In the national conversation the topic provokes such anxiety for so many. How refreshing to see students and alumni of Palm Beach Atlantic
rising up to meet health care challenges with compassion, innovation and excellence in their fields. In this report as we profile highlights of the 2016-17
academic year we share feature stories from four areas of health care, showing service-minded PBA graduates Prepared for Care and strategically positioned to address critical needs, locally and nationally.

Their professors have challenged and mentored these grads with a mindset like that of Dr. Matthew Mitchell: “When we set the bar high enough, people have
a way of meeting that bar.” Mitchell and other faculty in the health and human performance laboratory lead undergraduate students through graduate-level
research. Read how two of those students learned much in the lab as they prepared to pursue doctorates in physical therapy.

Julianne Beacom and Heather Robertson, both 2013 recipients of the Doctor of Pharmacy degree, saw remarkable results in a groundbreaking program at Martin Health System. Martin’s teams of pharmacists and other professionals won the Innovation of the Year award. Without a “road map” in front of them, Heather and Julianne were willing to step out and say, “I’d like to help create this.”

It takes innovative faculty to produce innovative graduates. In mental health counseling courses, Dr. Philip Henry often takes his students “on the road,” conducting class at local substance abuse treatment centers. Small classes of students sit down with treatment center owners, learning how to battle the raging opioid epidemic.

Meanwhile, in nursing, students, faculty and alumni help meet critical needs through the Volunteer Nursing Corps. Supported by a grant from the Palm Healthcare Foundation, this new volunteer outreach provides education, resources and care to the underserved in Palm Beach County.

The majority of the nursing volunteers have been PBA students and faculty. That reflects the volunteer spirit that runs throughout this Christ-first university. In the same way, you’ll find that no matter what their major, PBA students and grads demonstrate integrity, love and desire to “make a difference.”

In the pages that follow, read not only the health care related features, but also the reports from other programs and departments that work together so that PBA grads leave the university Prepared for Care. Note also the listings of individuals, families and organizations that so faithfully provide the university with financial resources and countless volunteer hours. And don’t miss the photos inside showing
the just completed John & Sheila Rinker Sports Center, a transformative addition to our 78-acre athletic campus on Parker Avenue. With the completion of the center came PBA’s final approval as a member of the Sunshine State Conference, a milestone indeed.

In the classrooms and laboratories, on the athletic fields and behind the scenes in many ways, we see the PBA family working and serving together, having tremendous impact upon their community and the world. To those godly faculty, staff, students, alumni, trustees, donors and volunteers we offer our heartfelt thanks for their Amazing Faithfulness.

William M. B. Fleming, Jr.

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