Show your Sailfish pride by purchasing a PBA License plate! Learn more here.PBA License Plate

You have Sailfish pride -- pride in Palm Beach Atlantic University. As an alumnus, current student, faculty, staff or parent, Palm Beach Atlantic University means so much to you; you want the world to know. If you're a Florida resident, you can share pride in the University with anyone who crosses your path by obtaining a PBA specialty license plate. You'll not only be showing school spirit, but also supporting scholarships and academic programs at PBA with a $27 annual payment. You have the option of switching to a PBA specialty license plate at any time, click here.  Take advantage of your opportunity to say, "Go PBA!" every day.


How do I purchase a PBA specialty plate?

When you renew your registration at your local tax collector's office, simply let them know you wish to replace your current tag with a PBA specialty license plate.

Where does the money for PBA specialty plates go?

PBA specialty tags cost $27 (annually) above the standard Florida tag and registration fees, with $25 going toward supporting scholarships at PBA.

How do I purchase a personalized license plate?

Personalized license plates may be issued to any motor vehicle owner or lessee except a vehicle which require "Restricted," "Apportioned," "Indefinite," trailer or dual (two) truck license plates. Applications must be submitted to the license plate agency for approval or rejection of license plate choices to ensure that obscene or objectionable choices are not processed. Cost is an additional $12 to personalize a plate.

Applications may be submitted at any time during the year, however, 45 days (date received by manufacturer, not date of order) manufacturing time will be required before delivery of the plate. Plates only are issued for the current registration period unless an application is made during the advance registration period (3 months preceding the owner's birth month or designated registration period). When application is made during the advance registration period and full registration tax paid, the license plate will expire the following year. Apply at your local tax collector's office.

How many characters can be on a personalized license plate?

License plates with the graphic to the left, such as collegiate and sports plates, may have up to 5 characters with no additional space or hyphen. The extra fee is $12. Apply at your local tax collector's office.


Contact Vice President for Development Vicki Pugh at or (561)-803-2012.