PBA Uses Summer to Spruce Up the Campus

PBA student finds her special corner on campus to relax 
between classes.

Every summer, most students leave campus to go on their summer vacations, but that doesn’t mean the work stops here on campus. In fact, that’s PBA’s Facilities Management department’s busiest season, as they take great care to ensure the campus setting, quality of life and learning environment where students live and get educated is simply superb.


Making the beauty of the campus a contributor to the educational experience doesn’t happen overnight. So thanks to the work of skilled construction workers, painters, landscape architects and many other helping hands, most of the work was done before students returned for the start of the Fall 2018 semester.


Here’s a list of PBA’s summer improvements:


§ Baxter Hall – Rooftop chilled water lines were patched and insulated, and valve extensions were installed in an effort to minimize water intrusion.


§ East Campus – Exterior painting was done at Rinker, MacArthur, Sachs, Johnson and Hood Halls. Chilled water lines were re-insulated and bridge expansion joint repairs were performed at Johnson Hall.


§ Fountains – All main campus fountains received new tile and finish work.


§ Hood Hall – Both hotel rooms received new ceilings due to water damage caused by failed chilled water insulation. New tile floors and a bathroom vanity also were installed.


§ Okeechobee Hall – The building was pressure washed, cracks were repaired and full exterior painting was completed.


§ Borbe Hall – Failing exterior stucco architectural detail was replaced on the west side of the building. Subsequently, full building pressure wash and exterior painting were done. The spalling concrete was repaired and the delaminated deck was replaced on the second floor balcony. In preparation for the University’s SACSCOC visit, the mansard roof was repainted a terracotta color.


§ Chick-Fil-A – The Chick-Fil-A dining area was remodeled for the start of the Fall 2018 semester.


§ Marshal and Vera Lea Rinker Athletic Campus – Sand volleyball and basketball court construction was completed.


§ Quattlebaum Lot – For the safety of PBA students, directional boring was utilized to run power from the Greene Complex to the lot to energize existing parking lot lights. A landscape light was installed on the kapoc tree.


§ Rinker School of Business – An extensive first floor renovation was performed. Walls were refinished and painted, porcelain flooring was installed in the corridors and carpet in the classrooms. Ceiling tiles were replaced, and restrooms were fully renovated.


§ Vera Lea Rinker/Gregory Hall – Chiller coils were replaced for both air cooled chillers that service Vera Lea Rinker Hall and Gregory School of Pharmacy. The Vera Lea Rinker exterior received a full pressure wash, crack repair and paint.


§ Warren Library – Root removal was performed and root barrier was installed prior to resetting existing pavers on the south side.


Located in the heart of West Palm Beach, this campus not only offers an exceptional education and continues to swiftly rise in national rankings as one of the best universities in the south, it is also warm and inviting, and has one of the most picturesque backdrops in the nation. The more reason to spruce it up every summer.


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