Meeks, Duane

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Campus: West Palm Beach
Building: Pembroke Hall
Number: 203

Phone: (561) 803-2398
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School and Department

The School of Communication and Media
Communication (UG)
Theatre and Cinema Arts (UG)
Applied Digital Media (UG)

Faculty Profile

Full Name: Duane Meeks

Dean, School of Communication and Media
Professor of Mass Media

B.A., University of Toronto; M.A., Regent University; Ph.D., University of Maryland.

Dr. Duane Meeks taught graduate courses in cinema and television studies at Regent University for 14 years. His course offerings were primarily concentrated in the areas of editing film and video, screen directing, producing and film history. His administrative service at Regent University's College of Communication and the Arts included production supervisor, supervisor of technical support, chairman of the capital equipment committee, director of engineering and ultimately chairman of the School of Cinema-Television and Theatre Arts.

His dissertation, entitled  "From the Belly of the HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee): The Red Probes of Hollywood, 1947-1952," focused on the history of Communist infiltration in the motion picture industry and the resulting blacklist. Dr. Meeks is also interested in neo-pagan manifestations in popular culture and has presented a conference paper on neo-gnostic and postmodern ideology espoused in the popular film, "The Matrix."

His creative accomplishments include serving as executive producer and faculty advisor to many student films. On university-funded film projects, he has served as script editor. Dr. Meeks has a background in the theatre and has translated that experience into acting in many film projects. Films and videos that he has supervised or significantly participated in have won numerous awards, including student Academy Awards, Cine Awards, and Angel Awards. These films have been screened and have won awards at film and video festivals around the world, and aired on national cable networks and on a PBS-affiliated station. Apart from supervising student productions, Dr. Meeks has for years owned his own film and video production company, writing, producing and/or directing a number of projects, including television commercials, corporate videos, music videos and television shows.

He is a member of the University Film and Video Association, the Society for Cinema Studies, the Broadcast Education Association, the National Association of Television Programming Executives, and the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.