December 04, 2017
2017-12-04 2017-12-04 America/New_York Honors Day Private

Honors Day

Palm Beach Atlantic University
This day provides attendees with the opportunity to learn more about the Frederick M. Supper Honors Program at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Members of this select group of high academic achievers come from a variety of majors and degree programs from around campus.  Honors students have the unique opportunity to:
  • Share their genuine passion for intellectual contemplation and discussion through our “Great Books” curriculum based on primary sources
  • Attend small, innovative classes that replace the general Core Curriculum requirements
  • Form a coherent Christian worldview by pursuing the “examined life”
  • Participate in a group of our most engaged, interested, literate, and discerning students whose spirit of inquiry sets the intellectual tone for the University
  • Focus on wisdom and Christian character development which completes any academic major
  • Receive the Frederick M. Supper Honors Program scholarship

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