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Verdesca Jr., Anthony

Assistant Librarian




(561) 803-2238


The Warren Library

Mr. Verdesca has served in libraries since 1989 and as a reference librarian since 1999. Throughout his career, he has assisted the patrons, students and employees of the Palm Beach County Library System, the IBM Technical Information Center, Florida Atlantic University and the South Florida Water Management District. His interests lie in the nature of librarianship, its past, present and future.  Of particular interest is the future of the library and the nature of the library of the future.  That future, he believes, begins with constructive criticism of present practice.  Mr. Verdesca would argue for a return to the computer’s original and proper function in the library—as a simple and straightforward tool to retrieve what the library contains, rather than as the indiscriminate window on the world it has become.  He believes the prudent adaptation of technology, once a hallmark of librarians, would have the effect of channeling students’ intellectually formative efforts while ensuring their focused attention on the subject at hand.  With a strong background in the liberal arts, Mr. Verdesca serves as the liaison to the humanities department within PBA’s School of Arts and Sciences.  He is a contributor to the American Reference Book Annual and The Reference Librarian and is on the editorial board of the Journal of Access Services.  He is a member of the Palm Beach County Library Association.


B.A., Florida Atlantic University; M.A., University of South Florida.


The Warren Library