Dr. Lee Pedzisa moved from his native Zimbabwe to the mountains of Colorado where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry from Colorado College. After completing his undergraduate studies, he returned to the familiar warm weather of Florida to pursue his doctoral studies at Scripps Research. Dr. Pedzisa’s research focused on the synthesis of selenocysteine antibody-drug conjugates aimed at improving the safety of cancer drugs. He continued his postdoctoral research at Scripps Research, working on various projects to study the structure-activity relationships of anticancer and neuroprotective drugs. Due to his passion for teaching, Dr. Pedzisa served as an adjunct instructor for a year, teaching general chemistry and principles of chemistry courses and mentoring high school and undergraduate students who were conducting research at Scripps Research. He is honored to be a member of Palm Beach Atlantic University faculty.


B.A., The Colorado College; Ph.D., The Scripps Research Institute.