Griffin, Mike

Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies



(561) 803-2628


The School of Ministry

Dr. Griffin has over thirty-five years of teaching experience and twenty years of cross-cultural experience comprising over fifty trips to the Middle East, including an extended stay in Cairo for immersion in Arabic. He has developed and implemented various training programs to prepare participants in cross-cultural initiatives in Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Dr. Griffin enjoys teaching and mentoring students as they embrace a passion to demonstrate God's love to all the nations. His current research interest is in the field of anthropology. His research paper through Harvard University provides an anthropological focus on persons with disabilities in the cultural context of honor and shame. His dissertation researches the doctrine of the imago Dei and the doctrine of khalīfah with application toward disability in Middle Eastern culture. Dr. Griffin and his wife, Carrie, have five children. They enjoy traveling and building relationships with people of other cultures.


B.S., University of Central Florida; M.Div., New Orleans Baptist Seminary; Ph.D., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary; Additional Studies: Carson-Newman College; Kent State University; Mercer University.


Intercultural Studies (UG), Graduate Department