Dr. Katherine Chute has worked in public relations and advertising for more than thirty years, including fourteen years in Latin America and in Asia. Since returning to the U.S., she has worked with educational institutions and nonprofits and is accredited in public relations by the Public Relations Society of America.

Dr. Chute has served as a crisis communication consultant in the U.S. and overseas, and she is an award-winning writer and editor who has led teams in rebranding institutions and building strategic communication campaigns. She has written for media worldwide and served as a PR consultant for U.S. and international entities.

She earned a doctor of philosophy degree from the University of Southern Mississippi, a master of arts degree from Missouri State University, and bachelor of arts degrees from William Carey University and the University of Southern Mississippi. Her doctoral dissertation was titled Advertising in China: A Content Analysis of Advertising in China's The People's Daily, a longitudinal study of display advertising in China’s official newspaper over a 20-year period. Her research interests include women in media, as well as audience analytics and psychographics.


B.A., William Carey University; M.A., Southwest Missouri State University; Ph.D., The University of Southern Mississippi.

Joined PBA in