School of Communication & Media

Quick Facts/FAQ

What will I need to graduate?

All Cinema-Television majors must enroll in and successfully complete four production practicums (CTV 2001, 2011, 3001 and 3001) in each semester during their sophomore and junior years. These one-hour weekly courses provide majors with an opportunity to hone their technical skills in a workshop environment and apply them on productions for Sailfish Television and Sailfish Pictures.

Will I need any special software for my classes?

The Department of Cinema-Television requires all script submissions to conform to professional formatting standards. Therefore, we recommend Film Production and Television Production majors consider purchasing screenwriting software that will produce scripts in proper format. Screenwriting students must purchase such software and use it in all television and film writing classes. Students may obtain a list of acceptable software brands from the Department of Cinema-Television.

Will I need an advisor for my classes?

Every major in the Department of Cinema-Television must meet with his/her academic advisor at least once each semester before registering in courses for the subsequent semester. Failure to do so will jeopardize the student’s standing in the department and faculty will address this with the student during their annual review of his/her satisfactory progress.

Will I have my work reviewed?

All majors within the Department of Cinema-Television will have their progress in all work in the major area of study reviewed annually. This review will cover all work within their area of study, including both in-class scholarship and performance in and on productions.

What GPA will I have to maintain?

Cinema-Television students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average in all Cinema-Television courses attempted at Palm Beach Atlantic University in order to continue in good standing. Admission to upper level study is determined on the basis of the student’s cumulative GPA in Cinema-Television courses completed by the end of the fourth semester, the recommendation of the student’s advisor, and the satisfactory completion of an interview with the Cinema-Television faculty.