Christian Life


Let’s face it: College life can be stressful. But at Palm Beach Atlantic University, you’ll have many outlets to relieve your stress. One of the most important: Chapel. If you’re a full-time undergraduate or graduate student who attends PBA during the day, chapel is a requirement. Meeting your requirement to attend 24 chapels per year will be effortless, thanks to four weekly services. Chapel is offered at 11 a.m. Monday through Thursday. 

Held in the DeSantis Family Chapel, the spiritual focal point on campus, chapel is an opportunity to:

  • Lead — or follow — in worship of God
  • Promote an increased commitment to the Lord              
  • Experience a greater sense of campus community
  • Integrate faith and learning as preparation for service
  • Develop an understanding of worship in all of its various forms
  • Revel in praising the Lord, through events like Christival   

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Get Involved!

Want to serve in chapel? The chapel praise team and band is a student volunteer ministry led by Jeanny Alexandre. This is a Chapel ministry encompassing a group of musically inclined students who feel called and are gifted to lead our student body in worship through music  in our weekly chapel services.

In order to be a part of the team, each student must participate in an audition process.  If they make the team, they are in the leadership for 2 years (Auditions take place every even semester).


  • You must be a Christian (professing Christ) 
  • You must be a PBA student
  • You must be involved and are attending a church
  • There must be an evident call and gifting for worship leading


About Jeanny Alexandre:

Jeanny gave her life to Jesus Christ at 15 years of age. She grew up as a pastor's child in a ministry family. The Lord has consistently used her in music ministry since that time. She has a BA in Ministry Leadership from Palm Beach Atlantic University.  Currently, Jeanny serves as chapel praise team coordinator and office assistant in Student Success. She is also a worship leader at Family Church Downtown in West Palm Beach.