Christian Life


Let’s face it: College life can be stressful. But at Palm Beach Atlantic University, you’ll have many outlets to relieve your stress. One of the most important ones is Chapel. If you’re a full-time undergraduate student who attends PBA during the day, chapel is a requirement. Meeting your requirement to attend 24 chapels per year will be effortless, thanks to five weekly services. Chapel is offered at 11:00 a.m. Monday through Friday.

Held in the DeSantis Family Chapel, the spiritual focal point on campus, chapel is an opportunity to:

  • Lead — or follow — in worship of God
  • Promote an increased commitment to the Christ-centered living              
  • Experience a greater sense of campus community as the PBA family
  • Integrate faith and learning as preparation for service, just as Christ served us
  • Develop an understanding of worship in all of its various forms
  • Celebrate praising the Lord,through events like Christival