Facemask Requirements

Facial Coverings are Required:

  • Any time physical distancing of at least six (6) feet is not feasible. 
  • In the classroom even if physically distanced
  • In a location where someone may suddenly approach you, even when physical distancing is feasible. 
  • In meetings of 10 or more people, even when physically distanced, as long as Palm Beach County is in Phase 1.
  • In the Greene Complex and weight/fitness rooms, as long as Palm Beach County is in Phase 1.
  • Before and after the class, and when faculty instruction requires close proximity such as labs, cinema, theatre, etc., or when a student’s accommodation requires it.
  • When tandem hammocking or seated next to others on a bench or at a table.
  • Along with a sneeze guard in the classroom.
  • As the City of West Palm Beach requires it; please click here 

When Facial Coverings May be Removed:

  • When you and the people around you are physically distanced and outdoors in open spaces, in your private office or residential hall room/apartment. 
  • In a meeting of fewer than 10 people, where everyone is physically distanced, and everyone is comfortable with removing facial coverings.
  • When another person enters your office, if the person is physically distanced, and both parties are comfortable with removing facial coverings.
  • For students—when with your roommate in your residence hall room, although it is generally best to maintain physical distancing as much as possible. Students living in suites or apartments with shared living areas should have a conversation as to whether they are comfortable removing facial coverings while in the shared living areas.
  • When physically distanced, faculty may remove their mask while teaching.
  • While eating/drinking.
  • When alone on a hammock or bench or seated at a table, and you are physically distanced from other hammocks, benches, tables and common walkways.  
  • When walking outdoors by yourself and at least 6 feet away from anyone else, but you must put on the facial covering if you come within 6 feet of another person.
  • When employees who work at a front desk location behind plexiglass barriers are alone in the common area.  When another individual enters the common area, the employee must wear the facial covering.
  • If you have a documented medical condition that precludes wearing a facial covering, you may wear a face shield instead. Students may apply for an accommodation through the Office of Disability Services and Academic Support witfield_felix@pba.edu. Faculty and staff please contact suzie_lenart@pba.edu.