COVID-19 Information


No, we do not require the COVID-19 vaccination. We encourage everyone to get vaccinated and boosted to keep our community Sailfish Safe and healthy.  

No. Facial coverings are not required.

COVID-19 testing is not required but is a helpful tool in keeping our community healthy. We encourage you to get tested if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

If a student tests positive for COVID-19 or has any other short-term medical diagnosis (i.e., strep, mono, etc.) that would preclude them from attending in-person class, they need to submit a note from a healthcare provider to the Office for Academic and Accessibility Resources. The note should be on the letterhead of the primary healthcare provider or medical office and should include the diagnosis and the length of time the student cannot attend in-person instruction. Notes can be sent to OAAR will communicate the length of absence to professors. It is at the discretion of the professor how the student will make up the missed class content, whether through the use of a video platform (such as Zoom) or through additional assignments. The student should communicate with their professors directly about assignments and classroom content.  Every student has access to Sailfish Health to receive telehealth care, free of charge.

Employees who test positive for COVID-19 must isolate per CDC guidelines.  Please see the CDC website for an isolation calculator. As with any illness that requires an employee to miss work, the employee should communicate with their supervisor. Employees wishing to maintain confidentiality regarding the reason for a sick leave request may consult with the Office of Human Resources for confidential handling. The individual or supervisor may also contact Human Resources to verify eligibility and the amount of accrued sick leave and to obtain information on employee absence reporting.

We no longer require those who have had close contact with a COVID+ individual to quarantine.  Please monitor yourself for any symptoms of COVID-19. If you begin experiencing any symptoms, however minor, please isolate yourself from others and consult with a healthcare provider. We recommend testing yourself for COVID-19 if you have a known exposure and have become symptomatic.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, we recommend obtaining a COVID-19 test and consulting with your healthcare provider. The best way to keep our community Sailfish Safe and healthy is to stay home when you are sick.

For questions related to academic support for COVID+ students, please contact:
Associate Director of the Office of Academic and Accessibility Resources Comfort Olugbuyi | (561) 803-3066

For questions related to absences from work for COVID+ employees, please contact: | (561) 803-2171

For questions related to the residence halls, please contact a member of Residence Life: | (561) 803-2555

For questions related to Athletics, please contact:
Assistant to the Athletic Director Kayla Fisher 
Kayla Fisher | (561) 803-2333

For all other questions, please contact:
Associate Vice President for Student Development Kate Magro | (561) 803-2595