Counseling Services

Group Counseling:

Each year various psycho-educational groups are offered for students to obtain information and gain the support of peers.  Groups vary by semester.  Please contact the Counseling Center for more information or to request a specific group topic.  

Referral Services:
If you would like to receive services outside of PBA, the Counseling Center maintains a network of PBA reviewed providers.  These include counselors, psychologists, psychiatrist services, and testing facilities.  We are happy to help you navigate the most cost effective options based on your insurance coverage and will do our best to provide referrals consistent with your insurance and financial means. Please contact us at (561) 803-2563 or for a list of referrals.

Educational Programming:
Counseling Center Staff is available to speak with your group about mental health topics.  Please contact us with specific requests.

Consultations and Training for Staff and Faculty Members:
The Counseling Center is available to consult with faculty, staff, students, and parents regarding concerns for student well-being and to provide resources on mental health topics.  If you are interested in having the counseling staff present materials on a mental health issue, please contact the Counseling Center Staff.

Internship Opportunities:
The PBA Counseling Center provides developmental internship opportunities for graduate students within the PBA Counseling Psychology program through clinical practice, education, training, and supervision.

Eligibility and Cost:
Counseling services are available to full-time, traditional, day-time undergraduate students. Students, who meet these criteria, will be offered 6 free sessions of counseling per semester.  If ongoing counseling after 6 sessions is desired, the student account will be charged $10 per session. For information about graduate students and counseling services, please contact the Counseling Center at (561) 803-2563 or

Individual Counseling:
Students can receive an initial assessment and brief counseling services at the Counseling Center.