PBA Lead offers an opportunity to develop a leadership strategy for your life that identifies your strengths, passions and personality for future leadership success. 

The need for effective leadership in our country and the world has perhaps never been greater. This leadership crisis requires you, our next generation of leaders, to meet the challenge of being and leading differently. Following the biblical example of leading with character and competence, the Center for Biblical Leadership (CBL), in partnership with Lead Like Jesus (LLJ) and PBA Student Development, have created a unique program for sustained transformational leadership development.

PBA Lead includes:

• Four-year transformative experience with leadership opportunities on-campus and within the community
• Leadership development journey that integrates a biblical world view, your personal spiritual journey, practical application and experiential opportunities.
• Annual three-week course (3 credits) to accelerate your development as a leader
• Supportive team to encourage your faith and leadership growth
• Coaching and mentoring opportunities with unique educational events, retreats, experiences and potential internships

Eligibility: Incoming full-time, freshmen students who submit a PBA Lead application and are selected for the program. Students participating in athletics, talent (music, dance, & theatre), or honors are not eligible for this program due to conflicting co-curricular requirements.

Application: Apply online. Contact your admissions counselor for additional questions.

Deadline: March 7, 2021

Decision Notification: March 17, 2021

Renewable: Yes, upon meeting co-curricular expectations determined by the Center for Biblical Leadership and Student Development. Annual Scholarship Amount: $2,000.

Co-Curricular Expectations (By Year)


  1. Apply for and gain admission to PBA
  2. Complete application for PBA Lead Scholarship Program
  3. Be selected as a PBA Lead Scholar
  4. Complete the PBA Lead Foundations course (ORL 1013) from August 2, 2021 to August 20, 2021

Year One

  1. Attend 3 Connection Week activities
  2. Participate in PBA Lead team gatherings or events
  3. Connect with PBA Lead mentor
  4. Apply for an entry leadership position (at the end of Year One)
  • Fish leader
  • Fleet
  • RA
  • Student Assistant (Student Development or Campus Ministry Offices)
  • Campus Ministry
  • President's Ambassadors
  • Peer Leaders

Year Two

  1. Complete the PBA Lead course (Spring B Subterm)
  2. If selected, serve in an entry leadership position or community or church involvement
  3. Participate in PBA Lead cohort gatherings or events
  4. Apply for high-level leadership opportunity for Year Three:
  • Steering Committee
  • Student Government Association
  • Refresh Apprentice
  • ILT Interns
  • Workship Coordinators Ministry/Mission Team Leaders
  • Campus Ambassadors
  • RA/RC

Year Three

  1. Complete the PBA Lead foundations course (Spring B Subterm)
  2. Continue in campus or community leadership involvement:
  3. Apply for high-level leadership opportunity
  4. Apply to become a mentor for first-year PBA Lead Scholars
  5. Participate in PBA Lead cohort gatherings or events

Year Four

  1.  Complete the PBA Lead foundations course (Spring B Subterm)
  2. Continue in high-level campus or community leadership involvement
  3. Mentor first-year PBA Lead Scholars
  4. Participate in PBA Lead cohort gatherings or events

For more information, contact Vice President for Student Development Bob Lutz by email: Bob_Lutz@pba.edu or phone: (561) 803-2553