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Palm Beach Atlantic University graduate Caleb Hitchcock

Caleb Hitchcock '15


Describe your current job role:

I am currently the director of a non-profit youth ministry in Waco, Texas, called KLIFE. Our mission is to bring the content of the Gospel to teenagers through the context of relationships to encourage, challenge, and disciple; rooted in Biblical teaching. I am blessed to serve over 60 college leaders who disciple over 175 middle school and high school students in six different schools around Waco.

What professional experience(s) did you have prior to your current job role?

Before being hired at KLIFE, I was professionally prepared through interning in the youth ministry of my church, as well as serving at Kanakuk Kamps (a Christian sports camp) during two of my summers in college. My professors in the ministry program, as well as in my courses, were, and still are, critical for my preparation for full-time ministry and becoming the minister I am today. Furthermore, my involvement in Residence Life and the Steering Committee at PBA were tremendous experiences in my preparation for servant leadership.

What do you know now that you wish you had known about being a working professional?

  1. There is no such thing as a difference between a sacred and a secular calling when you are a follower of Jesus. Whether you are in ministry, business, teaching, healthcare, politics or any other profession, your calling is sacred if you are doing it to serve the Lord.
  2. Just because you left the incredible community that you had at PBA does not mean that you do not need it anymore. We were made to live in community, go out and find it.

"Whether you are in ministry, business, teaching... your calling is sacred if you are doing it to serve the Lord."

How did PBA prepare you for the world of work?

PBA prepared me in every way. When I look back on my experience at PBA, I can see God intricately moving in every part of my four years there. From my education and campus involvement, to the relationships I was able to build and still maintain today, the Lord has used PBA and my time there more than any other time in my life to mold me into the man I am today.

What advice would you give to current PBA students and/or young alumni who are about to start their first professional full-time job?

  1. Find a mentor. It would be best if they are in your field, but I would suggest someone who is at the very least a man/woman of God and is 20 years your senior.
  2. Commit to a church body immediately. If you stay in West Palm Beach, you will hopefully have already done this, but it is especially important if you move after graduation.
  3. Find community. I cannot stress this enough—you need people for camaraderie, accountability, and encouragement.
  4. Never stop learning. This does not always mean books. Find people who are successful, meet with them, and listen.

Have you been mentored by anyone in your professional field since entering the workforce? If so, what impact has that had on you?

Yes, about six months into my job I realized that mentorship was missing in my life, so I sought it out. I asked my pastor to mentor me on marriage, ministry, and life. He has played a pivotal role in my life when it comes to strengthening my marriage, having consistent accountability, providing ministry advice, and for sustaining profession growth.

Spotlight posted in September 2017. For current updates from Caleb, visit Waco KLIFE on Facebook and Instagram. 

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