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July 31, 2015

Won't You Consider Giving Back to PBA?

  PBA student exit the DeSantis Family Chapel on main campus in West Palm Beach.

The Annual Fund Initiative combines the gifts of alumni and friends of Palm Beach Atlantic University to support a variety of scholarships. Every gift, no matter the size, helps PBA students. The college years are a time of preparation for adulthood. You can help supply the tool for students to develop academically, socially and most importantly, spiritually at PBA, making them confident and responsible adults. 

Here's how one gift can go a long way:

Your gift enhances the value of a PBA Degree

When national rankings are calculated by authorities such as the Princeton Review, alumni giving is a key factor. As a graduate of PBA, your gift helps increase PBA's rankings and reputation, thereby increasing the value of your degree.

Alumni giving can help PBA attract major gifts

Foundations and corporations sometimes consider the percent of alumni who participate in giving to be an indication of merit. Your gift can inspire others to give.

 Alumni are part of the PBA vision

Share the vision of providing students with a Christ-centered education that gives them

Give Now to the Palm Beach Atlantic University Annual Scholarship Fund. PBA is a Christ-centered college in West Palm Beach, Fla.

the foundation they need to be the strong, ethical leaders of tomorrow and we need your financial support. Gifts to the Annual Fund support the best elements of PBA. Small classes, low faculty-to-student ration , beautiful campus, one-on-one interaction. Without financial support, it would be difficult to maintain these assets.

To Say "Thanks PBA"

A donation provides a means of expressing gratitude for a life-changing experience, a "thank you" for shaping your mind for success, a personal stamp of approval of the current strategic direction and vision, or a belief that PBA can and will make a difference with today's students.

Few people are ever able to give buildings or endow a faculty position, but many can provide an endorsement of an experience.


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