Reprint Request

  •  Objective: Simple reorders with no changes to items we have previously printed for you. If you have any changes that need to be made, please fill out the new and updated print pieces form instead.

    Timeline: Print reorders usually take two to three days to complete, but some may require two weeks or more to fulfill based on the printer's availability. The project timeframe will also depend on the number of items ordered.

  • Note: Requests should only be submitted once all information and materials are ready for the marketing office. Failure to provide complete information will prevent or delay your project's completion. If you would simply like to talk through ideas or future projects, please contact Taylor Smythe at Thank you!



Examples: prospective students, current students, staff, faculty, etc.

Contact Information


Note: The final completion date is dependent on the volume of requests currently experienced by marketing. Marketing will confirm the estimated timeline for a request's completion. Please give ample time by submitting a request as far in advance as possible. Thank you!