Advancement  Requests 

The Office of Advancement provides marketing services to PBA departments. To request a service, please submit the appropriate form below. If you need help with any of these forms or would like to talk through ideas before submitting a request, contact Taylor Smythe, Marketing  Manager, at  





Campus Event 

  • Event Request Form - Reserve space on campus, submit information on a speaker, and request media services.





  • Web Page – new pages or updates to existing pages
  • Web Form – electronic forms for event registration, fundraising, voting, reservations, etc.



  • Email – email design for newsletters, events, program highlights, etc.



  • New or updated print piece – creation of or updates to brochures, posters, banners, postcards, schedules, vouchers, signage, etc.
  • Reprint – reorder of printed items that do not need any changes


Graphic Design



  • Existing Photos – requests for existing marketing photos for use in offices, hallways, documents, etc.
  • New Photos – scheduling of photos to be taken of staff or faculty members, at an event, etc.



  • Video – promotional videos, faculty or student highlight videos, etc.


Inventory/Branded Promo Items

  • Branded Promo Items – giveaways, (e.g. t-shirts, pens, mugs, etc.) that need to be custom ordered





Grant Proposal




Please note: All provided content will be edited for grammar and consistency to PBA marketing’s brand, including but not limited to word choice and punctuation. Also, requests/projects will be entered into our production schedule after all  information and materials are provided. Please provide all content and information when requesting; otherwise, your project may be delayed. Thank you!