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Please note: In order to guarantee coverage of your event, please submit information two weeks prior to your event. Event space setup can be adjusted up until 48 hours before the event. All fields are required.

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If your request occurs over multiple dates, please add a row and enter additional dates below. Use the event description at the bottom to provide additional details if necessary.

Please give a brief but detailed summary of what your event is about.
*Note: Chairs, tables, trash cans, stanchions, podiums, and stage platforms are available through the University events team if requested 48 hours prior to the event. Tents are not available. If your event requires a certain table setup, please email a clearly drawn diagram to lisa_aaron@pba.edu.

COVID-19 Sailfish Safe

The link to the Visitor Wellness Check is: https://bit.ly/2CPBA. If your event requires a unique Wellness Check, please email HealthAlert@pba.edu.


Guest Speaker

Note: Guest speakers are subject to review by a committee of PBA staff. 


If there is no guest speaker, please type "N/A"
If there is no guest speaker, please type "N/A"
If there is no guest speaker, please type "N/A"

If the speaker is not a member of PBA faculty, staff, Board of Trustees or a Center/School Advisory Board member, please provide the following:

- A link to the speaker’s bio

- A sample of the speaker’s former presentations, such as outlines, transcripts or videos

- The speaker’s social media account(s)

- A link to the speaker’s published materials (if applicable)

Audio Equipment Needs

NOTE: Only Weyenberg (upstairs) and the VLR Recital Hall (HKP), can provided up to 4 wireless mics; other locations typically have up to 3 wireless mics available. A staff member will verify during event follow up



Live Music /Worship Set Needs (Optional)

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