Event & Speaker Form

  • Purpose: The purpose of this form is to reserve space, request event setup, submit information on a speaker for approval, and request creative services support for all campus events including student table promotions, guest speakers, special school or department gatherings, and more. Contact advancement@pba.edu with any questions.
  • Would you like the President to attend the event or participate in the agenda? If so, please click here to submit a request form. 
  • Please note: In order to guarantee coverage of your event, please submit information two weeks prior to your event. Event space setup can be adjusted up until 48 hours before the event. All fields with an asterisk are required.
  • All events are expected to comply with PBA's Sailfish Safe guidelines.

Event Details

Please give a brief but detailed summary of what your event is about.
Note: Chairs, tables, trash cans, stanchions, podiums, and stage platforms are available through the University events team if requested 48 hours prior to the event. Tents are not available. If your event requires a certain table setup, please email a clearly drawn diagram to Jacquelyn_Switalski@pba.edu.

Guest Speaker

Note: Guest speakers are subject to review by a committee of PBA staff. This review process applies to guests of PBA who are speaking in a non-academic setting.

If there is no guest speaker, please type "N/A"
If there is no guest speaker, please type "N/A"
If there is no guest speaker, please type "N/A"

If the speaker is not a member of PBA faculty, staff, Board of Trustees or a Center/School Advisory Board member, please provide the following:

- A link to the speaker’s bio

- A sample of the speaker’s former presentations, such as outlines, transcripts or videos

- The speaker’s social media account(s)

- A link to the speaker’s published materials (if applicable)

Audio Equipment Needs

NOTE: Upstairs Weyenberg, DeSantis Family Chapel and Vera Lea Rinker Recital Hall can provide up to 4 wireless microphones. The type of microphone may be limited. A staff member will verify during event follow up. 

Mic types
Examples: Instrumental worship, jazz, pop, etc

Visual Presentation

Please plan to provide the slides 48 hours in advance. Small edits can still be made after you submit the original and the final can be brought on a USB. Files must be in .ppt or .jpeg format. Please do not submit a pdf.
Please note that the video will need to be reviewed for any potential copywritten materials (i.e. songs, photos or other material that does not belong to the University) before the event to ensure proper licensing approval is obtained from the copywrite owner or licensing body. Additionally, please plan to provide the final video as a .mp4 or .mov format.

Live Music/ Worship Set Needs

Marketing Needs

I.e. Email invitations, flyers, social media, etc.
Please note that photos and video are not guaranteed and will depend upon Advancement staff availability.

Additional Information and Policies

The Office of Advancement seeks to meet all event and creative services requests, but in the event that your request cannot be supported due to team, schedule and venue availability, we will work with you to offer options for contracting work out to a vendor. Please submit your requests as early as possible, and at least two weeks before the event, to ensure we can best support your event needs. Thank you!

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