Email Signature Request

  • Objective: Design a PBA-branded email signature graphic. See examples below

  • Timeline: Emails signatures generally take three to five days for completion.

  • Note: Requests should only be submitted once all information and materials are ready for the Advancement office. Failure to provide complete information will prevent or delay your project's completion. 

  • Contact: If you have any questions or issues, please contact Taylor Smythe at

Examples of Signatures 

Example of a standard signature with department name (no headshot):


Example of a signature with headshot, but WITHOUT extra department name listing (would be redundant since it is already part of the position title):



See note on Laura's example above
Format with hyphens, i.e. 561-803-0000
Not recommended unless you actually use it. Format with hyphens, i.e. 561-803-0000
Format like this:

NOTE: Please note that we reserve the right to adjust entries to ensure they adhere to PBA professional and brand/consistency standards.