Future Students

At Palm Beach Atlantic University, you'll learn from your professors, make life-long friends, and grow in your faith. This and more awaits you at Florida's top Christian college.

Fast forward. You. A Palm Beach Atlantic University degree in your hand. Looking back, you know that the education you just completed is far from over. The ways in which your professors, your classmates and your experiences inside and outside of the classroom impacted you are etched in your soul. What impact will PBA have on you? You can expect…

Challenging Academics

PBA provides the perfect learning experience, no matter which of our undergraduate majors, with more than 50 courses of study, or graduate programs you choose. You’ll learn from outstanding scholars who also happen to be outstanding men and women of faith. Beyond learning in classrooms with a 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio, your learning will spill out into the world — through internships, research and study abroad opportunities.

Faith-Enhancing Education

PBA is Florida’s top Christian university. That means your education will be Christ-centered. Prayer in the classroom is commonplace. So is expressing your beliefs and sharing your passion for your faith. Your professors are more than just your teachers. They’re your mentors and guides throughout your PBA educational journey.

Soul-Fulfilling Community Service

Nothing impacts your life — and impacts the world — like serving God through serving others. At PBA, we call it "Workship,” a combination of “work” and “worship.” You’ll volunteer 45 hours each year to help children, the elderly, the impoverished — to whomever and to wherever your heart is led.
You’ll also have the opportunity to see the world — and make an impact in it — through mission trips to countries like Haiti, Uganda and the Philippines.

Fun-filled Opportunities 

The PBA Impact doesn’t just happen while you’re actively learning. You’ll also feel it when you’re engaged in one of our more than 50 social, professional and religious clubs and organizations. You’ll also feel it with when making new friends in your residence hall, playing sand volleyball on the beach, or attending a concert at the world-class Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, just blocks from campus.