Pass-Fail Option

 From the Office of the Provost

University Pass/Fail Grading Policy for Undergraduate Classes

Spring 2020

The University recognizes that COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to our academic community. Our lives have experienced significant disruption. As such, the University is extending the University’s Pass/Fail grading option to undergraduate courses. 

Effective immediately, undergraduate students may elect to convert any/all of their qualifying undergraduate course grades to Pass/Fail for the Spring 2020 semester.


1. Students will be emailed an electronic form on April 1st.  Students must complete and successfully submit by April 15th their decision to convert their grades to Pass/Fail. Students remain in the traditional grading pattern until they are notified by the Registrar.

2. Per University policy, courses taken for Pass/Fail will not impact a student’s GPA

3. Courses which receive a grade of “Pass” will indicate progress forward in their academic career. A “Pass” will also count toward grade forgiveness – the excluded grade will be removed from the GPA. Courses which received a grade of “Fail” will not count toward academic progress.

4. Certain categories of students and/or courses may not be eligible to convert to a Pass/Fail.

  • Student athletes should contact Wispeny Ellis ( regarding their eligibility.
  • Students receiving veteran’s benefits should contact Al Andino ( regarding their eligibility.
  • Courses already completed, such as sub-term A courses, may not be retroactively converted to pass/fail

 5. Students should contact their academic advisor and financial aid before opting into the Pass/Fail option. Some degree programs may be advised against the Pass/Fail option because of external licensure requirements and graduation standards.

 6.  Passing Grades

  • General Education Requirements or Electives: A grade of D- or better will count as “Pass”. Composition I (ENG1113) and Composition II (ENG 1123) require a C-.
  • Major/Minor Courses: A grade of C- or better will count as “Pass”

 7. To earn a “Pass”, students must continue to engage in the required work of the class (quizzes, tests, assignments, etc). Incompletes are not eligible for conversion to Pass/Fail.

 8. Students on academic warning or probation in Spring 2020 will receive a one semester extension.

 9. The decision to switch to Pass/Fail is irreversible.

  10. The option to move to Pass/Fail grading is only available for Spring 2020. It will not apply to future semesters.

  11. The option to move to Pass/Fail grading is only available for undergraduate courses.

 12. Transcripts will note that Pass/Fail grades during Spring 2020 were a result of COVID-19 health crisis.