Honors Program

Learn More, Do More, Be More

The Frederick M. Supper Honors Program will empower you to take your experience to impressive and distinctive heights. You’ll be challenged, and challenge others. You’ll live in a community of fellow scholars. You’ll travel the globe to other elite academic institutions. And you’ll join a legacy of excellence that’s unique to PBA.

A Sound Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. As part of the Honors Program, we’ll nurture your love of learning and your desire to serve the Lord. We’ll position you to be seen as a leader in the PBA community. We’ll encourage you to develop a thoughtful and insightful Christian worldview. And we’ll challenge you to live an examined life.

An Enlightening Program

The program brings together the books, speeches, music, art, architecture, films and ideas that will initiate you into the “Great Conversation – encouraging you to connect with the great thinkers of the past with an eye toward fresh ideas for the future.”

  • A distinctive curriculum that encourages intellectual contemplation and discussion
  • Insightful professors who will share a realistic and active Christian worldview
  • Small classes set in a seminar format to better facilitate dialog and discussion
  • Thought-provoking reading that will help you get to the heart of the questions most important to you and to the world

You’ll have the chance to study at the University of Oxford through the Oxford Scholars Semester. And in the end you’ll discover the Great Conversation’s wisdom and become a better leader, scholar, Christian, citizen and professional.

A Distinctive Community

You’ll join high-achieving students from across PBA, representing the broad spectrum of majors, who come together to support, inspire, be inspired, challenge and encourage one another. And you’ll be guided by faculty who are dedicated Christians and accomplished scholars who embrace their role as your mentor.

A Unique House

The Weyenberg Honors House is home to approximately 50 students and is situated in the center of campus. While not all honors students live in Weyenberg, it provides a central hub for activities, conversations, picnics, barbecues, classes and social functions. It features a beautiful courtyard, and a PBA faculty mentor serves as master of the house.

A Proud Legacy

As a graduate of the program, you’ll join a distinguished and proud legacy. Our alumni are respected leaders in business, education, communications, politics and law. And they’re sought out by elite graduate, law, medical and seminary schools such as:

  • Duke University
  • University of Oxford
  • The Catholic University of America
  • Wake Forest University
  • Brown University
  • University of North Carolina
“Life in the Honors Program resembles British residential colleges and early American colleges. Classes are small. Students read and discuss primary sources rather than textbooks. They take ownership in their education and motivate one another and themselves. Our students graduate well prepared for graduate schools and for careers.” Dr. Tom St. Antoine
Director, Frederick M. Supper Honors Program