First Year Experience

Smooth Sailing

Making the transition to college is a huge step. We get it. This is why we offer such a broad array of services and support through our Academic GPS (Guiding, Planning and Scheduling) office. While the programs and services offered vary, they’re all focused on one thing—making your academic, social and spiritual transition to PBA as smooth and fun as possible.

Ready to SOAR

Our Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR) program is all ONLINE!  You’ll be able to schedule any appointments you might need to get yourself ready to arrive in August!  You will also get financial aid information, make schedule changes, learn about Move-in, and much, much more!  Register for any or all of these Summer SOAR Series Opportunities at this link.


Welcome Week

Welcome Week is the extended orientation program that happens right before classes start.
During Welcome Week you’ll be able to:

  • Participate in exciting activities and events
  • Attend social events and rallies to charge up your PBA spirit
  • Meet what faculty members who will serve as your mentors


Weekend Fun

For students who arrive and start at PBA during the second semester, we offer Welcome Weekend. During this weekend event you’ll engage in enjoyable activities and meet with faculty, staff and fellow students to ease your transition to PBA.


Enlightening Minds

You’ll take part in our First-Year Experience Seminar course (FYE-1001) as a way to transition into the academic setting here. This course will provide you with a better understanding of your place at PBA, while also introducing you to our rich history, distinctive mission and role as Florida’s top Christian college.


Prepare to Thrive

Our First-Year Advising program will help build the foundation for your academic success here. You’ll meet with an academic advisor who will serve as a mentor, and put together your plan for academic success at PBA.


New Beginnings

If you’re a transfer student, you’ll be able to engage in advising sessions that focus on those areas most important for the transfer process. This includes evaluation of your transcripts, information on credit transfers, the transfer process and much more.


Propelling Freshmen

The Propel Scholars Program is all about empowering students to succeed. It’s designed for first-year students taking College Reading and Writing, as well as Pre-College Algebra or Intermediate Algebra, and provides a wide range of support in the form of mentorship, advising, faculty, and peer guidance.  

Propel Scholars Program starts prior to the first day of class, allowing Propel scholars to start their college career early earning credits toward their college degree. Additionally, scholars are introduced to a variety of aspects related to the PBA experience.


For the Family

Welcome Week isn’t just for the students, there are many activities and events that parents attend with their student, as well as others designed just for the parents.

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JumpStart Your Success

JumpStart is one of the first activities of the Bridges Scholar Program and will introduce you to a variety of aspects related to the PBA experience.

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Joining Our Legacy

Transfer students are a valued and vital part of our community and culture, bringing a unique range of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

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