Bridges Program

Prepare to Shine

The Bridges Scholar Program is all about empowering first-year students to make the most of their transition to PBA. Students in the program, who are enrolled in both Pre-English Composition and Pre-College Algebra, find a wide range of support in the form of mentorship, advising, faculty and peer guidance and a first-year experience seminar.

Launch With Confidence

The first step on your journey as a Bridges Scholar will be JumpStart. JumpStart is a pre-orientation program that takes place before Welcome Week. During JumpStart you will:

  • Connect with other Bridges Scholars
  • Begin to acclimate to college life
  • Tour and get a feel for PBA’s campus
  • Discover all the student support resources
  • Meet faculty and staff on a more personal level
  • Engage with student leadership groups
  • Learn about all that West Palm Beach has to offer
  • Begin career exploration
  • Get supplemental math and English academic support
  • Meet with student leaders and peer mentors

Unleash Your Sails

Once the academic year begins, Bridges Scholars take part in a First-Year Seminar class during the first semester. This experience offers a perfect transition from JumpStart, giving you opportunities to strengthen the relationships you’ve already created, build upon what you’ve already learned, take part in Workship, dive deeper into potential majors and career paths, create a graduation plan and sharpen your time management skills.

Leading the Way

For those who want to take their Bridges experience to the next level, there’s the Bridges Leadership Team. As part of this team you’ll provide logistical support during JumpStart and take part in other activities to ensure the program is running smoothly for all involved. You’ll also serve as a mentor to other Bridges Scholars, helping them succeed academically, thrive socially and enriching their spiritual growth.