Online Appointments

Follow the directions below to register for an account and make an online appointment


Register for the CWE here.

Before you visit the writing center for the first time, or before you can make an appointment, please register in our schedule system.

You must use your PBA email to register.

As you complete the registration, you'll be asked to create a password. This password is not related to your PBA password; it can be any combination of 5 letters and/or numbers. This password does not change unless you change it.

Make an appointment with Palm Beach Atlantic University's CWE here.

Once you have registered, you can log in and schedule an appointment. Use your PBA email and the password you created.You can save the URL to the appointment schedule and go there directly.

Here on this page, you will find a variety of information on how to make appoints at the CWE.

You can schedule appointments 8 days in advance. After you log in, select an available date, time, and writing coach for your appointment. All WHITE boxes are available appointments. You can schedule up to 2 appointments per day, and those can be back-to-back to create an hour-long appointment.  

For ONLINE APPOINTMENTS, you must select the person named "Online or on Main Campus." Those appointments are available for face-to-face appointments in the CWE, or for ONLINE APPOINTMENTS.

Learn more about the CWE here, including how you can specify what aspect of your paper or article you'd like to work on.

After you click on the available appointment of your choice (signified by a white box), a pop up screen will appear, asking you to let the writing coach know a little about what you want to work on. If you can't see the pop up, look behind your main Internet window. 

Unlike other appointment forms, this form asks whether or not you want to meet online.

This is an image of what it looks like once you've scheduled an appointment.

Once you save your appointment, you'll see your appointment on the schedule as a different color from the other appointments.

If you cannot attend your appointment, please cancel it. You can cancel up to 30 minutes before your appointment. The system will not permit you to cancel within 30 minutes. To cancel, log in to the schedule and click on your own appointment and it will pop up. Click the CANCEL button at the bottom of the pop up and your appointment is canceled. 

If for some reason you cannot attend your appointment, please select one of these options.

 Attending an Online Appointment

About 10 minutes before your appointment time, you should log into the schedule where you made your appointment.

You should have: the document you want to work on in an electronic, Word file so you can upload it to the whiteboard; a computer with adequate Internet connection that also has audio ability (we prefer not to use video because it slows the connection). While a headset/microphone is not required, it does reduce ambient noise. If you don't have a headset, you can use your computer's microphone and speaker.