Coaches & Staff

Meet the Academic Writing Excellence team! Are you interested in becoming a Writing Coach? Apply here! 

Caleb Bowman 

Caleb Bowman is a sophomore at PBA. He is a history major and is minoring in Intercultural Studies while also studying in the Honors program. His favorite hobbies are working out and hitting the weights, but he also loves picking up and reading some good historical fiction in his spare time. He enjoys helping students with brainstorming, outlining, and polishing final essays as well as all other aspects of the writing and creative process.  

Lilah Castle 

Lilah Castle is a junior at PBA studying Elementary Education. Her favorite pastime is drinking tea and reading books.  

Bethany Conover 

Bethany Conover is majoring in English and double minoring in Dance and Creative Writing. She is a senior and in her free time she loves to read, write poetry, take care of her indoor plants, and paint! Her favorite part of the writing process is brainstorming and editing.  

Grace Cram  

Grace is a sophomore majoring in English. She is originally from Minneapolis, MN but now lives in Port Saint Lucie, FL with her family. Her favorite part of the writing process is outlining and editing. In her free time, she loves going to the beach, reading, and driving to good tunes with the windows rolled down. 

Joseph Cress 

Joseph Cress is a junior, studying English. One of favorite hobbies is re-watching favorite movies for the twentieth times (instead of the dozen new movies he keeps telling himself he needs to watch)! Some of the top offenders: The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Tangled, and Spider-Man (the Tom Holland ones)! 

Shelby Fletcher  

Shelby is pursuing a double major in English and Education. She is from Sarasota; FL and her favorite part of the writing process is research and editing. In her free time, she loves drawing, listening to music, cleaning, and dancing.  

Heather James  

Heather is a Nursing major who loves to write. Additionally, she has been playing soccer since she was four years old. Heather enjoys music and plays the flute and the bass guitar. She is always willing to help and is dedicated to achieving her own personal goals and the goals of her clients.  

Jessie Kieffer 

Jessie Kieffer is an English major with a minor in Secondary Education. She is a senior at PBA and has been working with AWE (Academic Writing Excellence) for two years. She enjoys travelling internationally and learning Spanish. Her favorite part of working as an AWE coach is watching clients improve their composition skills and find pride in their writing.  

Sarah Kilpatrick 

Sarah Kilpatrick is a senior politics major. In her free time, she enjoys cross stitching.  

Mary Elizabeth Klein 

Mary Elizabeth Klein is a junior honors nursing student from Iron Mountain, Michigan. Her favorite hobbies include scuba diving and reading. 

Brandon Maraj  

Brandon Maraj is a double major at PBA. He is studying Philosophy while also procuring a degree in Nursing. He is passionate about thinking abstractly about religion, reality, and even thinking itself. He also enjoys studying foreign languages and caring for others in need. Some of his favorite pastimes include reading, drawing, and listening to music.  


Anna Rose McIntyre 

Anna Rose is a senior at PBA finishing her degree in English and Secondary Education. She is passionate about helping writers improve their technique, gain confidence, and present their ideas with clarity and correctness. In her free time, Anna Rose enjoys reading, lifting weights, gardening, longboarding, and Netflix. 


Shelby Parks 

Shelby Parks is a junior studying Theatre with minors in creative writing, screenwriting, and film. She loves to read, sew, thrift, and anything else crafty! 


Nicole Straussman-Allen, Specialist 

Nicole Straussman-Allen oversees the scheduling, staffing, outreach, and development of AWE. She has been a part of the PBA family since her freshman year in 2010. She received her BA in Music Education and realized her passion for teaching at the collegiate level after her study abroad semester in Roehampton, England. She earned her MA in English Literature, with a concentration in science fiction and fantasy, from Florida Atlantic University in 2017 and began teaching at PBA as an adjunct instructor (English and Humanities) a few weeks later.  
Throughout her graduate school and teaching career, she has worked at university writing centers and has witnessed first-hand how writing coaching can positively impact students’ success in their academic careers and beyond. She has over six years' experience working as a writing center coach and administrative assistant and is CRLA certified Level Three.  
She currently serves as a deacon at Common Ground Church and participates actively on the preaching and discipleship team. Her and her husband (and their goldendoodle, Zelda!) live in Boynton Beach.  
She looks forward to meeting up with you at Academic Writing Excellence!