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Andrew Mercantini

I’m Andrew Hugo Mercantini II, I’m graduating this semester in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, and I’m a book collector.

Sarah Kilpatrick

Sarah Kilpatrick. Politics major. Junior. Cross stitching.

Bethany Conover

My name is Bethany Conover. I am majoring in English and double minoring in Dance and Creative Writing. I am a Junior and in my free time I love to read, write poetry, take care of my indoor plants, and paint!

Joseph Cress

Hi! My name is Joseph Cress, and I am a sophomore studying English. One of my favorite hobbies is re-watching my favorite movies for the twentieth times (instead of the dozen new movies I keep telling myself I need to watch)! Some of the top offenders: The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Tangled, and Spider-Man (the Tom Holland ones)!

Lilah Castle

Lilah Castle is a Sophomore at pba studying Elementary Education. Her favorite pastime is drinking tea and reading books.

Shelby Parks

Hi!! My name is Shelby Parks and I am a sophomore studying Theatre with minors in creative writing, screenwriting, and film. I love to read, sew, thrift, and anything else crafty!

Jessie Kieffer

Jessie Kieffer is an English major with a minor is Secondary Education. She is a Junior and has been working with the AWE for two years. She enjoys international travel and is learning Spanish. Her favorite part of the job is watching clients improve their composition skills and find pride in their writing.

Jonathan Carleton

Jonathan Carleton is a Communication major and Ministry minor in his junior year. In his free time, he enjoys eating, reading, and playing board and video games.

Mary Elizabeth Klein

Mary Elizabeth Klein is a junior honors nursing student from Iron Mountain, Michigan. Her favorite hobbies are scuba diving and reading.

Caleb Bowman

Hi, I'm Caleb Bowman. I am a Sophomore with a History Major and an Intercultural Studies Minor while also studying in the Honors program. My favorite hobby is working out and hitting the weights, but I also love picking up a good historical fiction book. I enjoy helping students with brainstorming, outlines, and polishing final essays as well as all other aspects of the writing and creative process.

Anna Rose McIntyre

Anna Rose is a senior at PBA, finishing up her degree in English and Secondary Education. Anna Rose is passionate about helping writers improve their technique, gain confidence, and present their ideas with clarity and correctness. In her free time, Anna Rose enjoys reading, lifting weights, gardening, longboarding, and Netflix.

Kylee Hay

My name is Kylee Hay, and I am a senior studying English and Intercultural studies. My favorite hobby is traveling, along with finding new, culturally-appropriate international restaurants.

Sydney Bulthuis

Sydney is currently an Honors senior majoring in English and Philosophy. In addition to essay-writing and philosophizing, Sydney thoroughly enjoys playing her harp, writing creatively, sketching, painting, and reading--anything concerning the arts! She was born and raised in the Chicagoland area in Illinois, and no, she does not miss the cold. She has worked as a writing tutor since her freshman year (she would love to chat about your essays with you, by the way), and hopes to one day work as a literary agent in the publishing world.

Lina Lora Kazzaz

Mi nombre es Lina Lora, soy de Republica Dominicana y actualmente estudio una maestria en Estudios Cristianos y Desarrolllo Global en PBA. Espero poder trabajar con temas como la pobreza, corrupción y educación en Latinoamérica. Mi pasatiempo favorito es hornear.