Dance Preparatory Curriculum

Character Dance

Character Dance is a subdivision of Classical Ballet and is the stylized representation of a traditional folk or national dance. Its movements and music enrich the dancers training. Character dances are usually performed in shoes or boots, with a suede sole and a small heel.

Contemporary/Modern Dance

Technical training covers the modern dance principles of body placement, alignment, and breath control through floor and center work. As students progress in the program, the number of classes taken per week will increase to develop proficiency, strength and artistry. Advanced classes include additional studies in movement analysis, dance composition and improvisation.

Classical Ballet Technique

Designed from beginning to advanced level student, this course introduces and expands on the principles of ballet. Each class includes a thorough barre warm-up, center floor adagio and petite allegro, and across the floor grande allegro work. Dancers will gradually gain strength, flexibility and technical precision as a result of their work in this course.

Jazz/Funk/Hip Hop

A one hour class focusing on the popular, urban, youth culture style of dance, originating on the street, that provides a funkier edge to the basic styles of dance.

Tap Dance

This tap class maintains a positive atmosphere focusing on musicality, technique and rhythm. Technique is taught through rhythm exercises and combinations of steps and across the floor work.