School of Leadership Workshops

WorkshopIf you're seeking to improve performance and productivity in your organization, you may be interested in inviting our team to help. The MacArthur School of Leadership provides engaging and informative presentations for your employees at your workplace. These presentations, offered at no cost, are aimed at cultivating skills and abilities to become a brighter you. Taught by our expert faculty, these sessions are offered in 45-minute sessions, a leadership "Lunch-and-Learn" format, or as half-day workshops.

Topics include:

Being a Leader that Lasts

Resilience – the capacity and reserve to lead vibrantly now and into the future - is a vital hallmark and skill of leadership. Resilience ca and must be developed to meet the rigors of leadership. Study practical steps to cultivate the four components to becoming a "resilient" leader.

Emotional Intelligence and the Effective Leader

Daniel Goleman’s research reveals that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) accounts for 85 percent of great
leadership with cognitive skills contributing just 15 percent. The good news is that unlike IQ, EQ can be cultivated. This session deals with knowing and developing one’s EQ – the capacity to know and manage self as well as relations with others.

Cultivating Leadership Versatility

We all have a preferred leadership style. But not every person responds the same way and not every situation calls for the same leadership style. This session addresses the different leadership styles and when to apply them, and it looks at the Situational Leadership II model – helping you to be a more flexible and effective leader.

Lead Yourself

This application-based workshop will focus on “Self-Leadership” – the toughest challenge for a
leader. Clarify your purpose, values and priorities. Cultivate your character and EQ. Develop other leadership styles and the personal depth to sustain yourself long-term.

Developing Others

According to John Maxwell, “It takes a leader to raise up a leader.” His research concluded that 85 percent
of leaders listed “influence of another leader” as the primary path to their development. This session will address the five Es of leadership development – environment, education, experience, exposure (to other leaders) as well as evaluation. The crucial nature of coaching will be included.

Strategic Planning that Works

“If you fail to plan, plan to fail.” This session will provide practical skills in strategic planning and problem solving.

Teams that Get the Mission Done and Have Fun

Teams that Get the Mission Done and Have Fun “If I want to go fast, I go by myself. If I want to go far, I go with a team.” Most failures of people in leadership positions occur because they cannot lead a team. This session addresses team-building issues and solutions.