What You'll Learn at Franchise Bootcamp

“Great campus, beautiful weather, but more important, great knowledge.” -Gary Brackett, CEO at Stacked Pickle

The 2-day Bootcamp reveals the systems, methodologies, skills and practices of the leading marketing and sales professionals in the franchise community. If your goal is to sell franchises, or sell more franchises, the Bootcamp provides insightful, valuable information covering every aspect of a successful franchise development program while also demonstrating how to create an action plan that will consistently produce franchise sales for viable brands. The Bootcamp faculty includes career franchise executives who have consistently delivered, and usually exceeded, their companies’ marketing and sales goals!

The Bootcamp will help attendees better understand their own selling style and discuss how to adapt that style to effectively sell franchises — not every buyer receives information the same way!


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Bootcamp Takeaways

Graduates of the Selling Franchises Bootcamp take away a comprehensive course study guide and their own Action Plan to sell more franchises, plus you will: 

  • Develop a take-away action plan that can be immediately implemented to confidently expand viable franchise networks. The action plan includes setting and tracking benchmarks relative to all activities that must be included in a successful franchise development program.
  • Benefit long-term from the instruction, recommendations and ideas revealed by successful, career franchise marketing and sales executives
  • Understand the process for recruiting, training, equipping, supporting and compensating sales professionals as well as how to work successfully with franchise brokers.
  • Appreciate the franchisor’s ongoing financial commitment to successfully develop a franchise marketing and sales program that identifies quality leads and results in franchise sales.
  • Understand how to effectively invest marketing funds to generate qualified sales leads through corporate websites, franchise portals, expositions, email campaigns, social media, international Gold Key programs, seminars and Discovery Days.
  • Appreciate the value of the skills and tools that leading franchise brands incorporate to consistently produce their development outcomes.
  • Gain real-world experience and knowledge leading to more franchise sales both domestically and internationally.

  • An overview of the sales process and how to accurately and properly make legal franchise sales.

  • What happens when you don’t follow the franchise sales process? Consequences of failing to follow the process from oops to criminal liability.

  • Specific Items in Your FDD, Financial  and Other Disclosures.  

Course Content

  • Keynote: TBA
  • How leading franchisors invest their money to generate qualified franchise sales leads
  • Covers franchise recruitment websites, franchise portals, franchise and industry expositions, email campaigns, print and online advertising, public relations, pay per click, social media, etc.
  • How leading franchisors recognize a qualified sales lead
  • What’s it cost to generate a sales lead?
  • How many sales leads are needed to produce a franchise sale?
  • When is a lead a dead lead?
  • How many franchise leads exist at any one time in the USA?
  • How leading franchisors identify, track and close franchise development leads
  • Covers the tools that the most successful development teams implement, plus the systems that leading franchisors use to contact, connect and interact with, and purposefully move prospects forward in the sales process.
  • Why do people buy franchises?
  • How is the franchise buying decision impacted by the generations, i.e. Baby Boomers vs Millennials vs Generation Z?
  • Producing Discovery Days that sell franchises        
  • Covers how to build a winning Discovery Day agenda, who should present the agenda, when to invite candidates, the cost of a Discovery Day, pros and cons of paying travel costs for candidates, activities to engage candidates during a Discovery Day.
  • How the psychology of the Discovery Day moves the best candidates to a buying decision
  • How and when to use the Franchise Disclosure Document to produce sales
  • What to do if your FDD includes negatives, i.e. lawsuits, bankruptcies, no franchisees for prospects to contact, weak financial statements, etc.
  • Do you or don’t you include an Item 19? Pros and cons
  • What to do if your franchisees don’t validate your opportunity
  • How leading franchisors work with franchise brokers
  • Pros and cons of working with brokers
  • What leading franchisors expect from brokers
  • How to manage the franchisor/franchise broker relationship
  • How to consistently evaluate a broker’s contributions to the brand
  • What do leading franchise brokers expect from franchisors?
  • How much does it cost to work with brokers?
  • How leading franchisors expand internationally
  • Recognizing how domestic and international selling differ
  • Creating the system for international expansion including recruitment, training, support and staff expansion
  • Meeting the legal requirements for international expansion
  • Can your domestic sales staff sell outside the USA?
  • Generating a master franchise, area development or other program
  • Why do international prospects want to acquire U.S. franchise brands and how do leading franchisors meet those expectations?
  • Utilizing the most cost-effective lead generation tools internationally
  • Tapping into the resources offered to franchisors by the U.S. Government
  • How to know if/when you can afford international expansion

Certificate of Completion

Attendees who successfully complete the Selling Franchises Bootcamp Assessment will be awarded a certificate of completion from the Titus Center for Franchising. Members of the Institute for Certified Franchise Executives earn 300 CFE Education credits upon successfully completing the bootcamp assessment.