Class Abroad

ClassWhat is Class Abroad?

Class Abroad refers to PBA courses for academic credit that include an international travel component. Each academic year, PBA’s schools of study offer these courses on a rotating basis.



Previous Locations

  • Biology
    • Galapagos Islands
    • Costa Rica
  • Honors
    • Turkey
    • Germany
  • Business
    • Dubai
    • Prague
    • Berlin
    • Barcelona
  • Biblical and Theological Studies, History
    • Israel
  • School of Arts and Sciences
    • Paris
  • School of Education, Dream Semester
    • Guatemala
    • Dominican Republic
    • Kenya
    • Gold Coast, Australia

Next Steps

If you are interested in enrolling for a class abroad, your next step is to create a Traveler Profile using the link below.

Enroll for a Class Abroad


Please contact the Rinker Center for Experiential Learning if you have any questions.

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