Our Vision

PBA’s Unlimited Potential

PBA will be the premier Christian university producing biblical leaders across all its schools and programs who are equipped to lead in their professional roles and areas of expertise, embracing the mantle of biblical leadership. The establishment and growth of the Center for Biblical Leadership will support and accelerate PBA’s vision of developing leaders for global impact. Earning a degree may get a person a job. Being equipped to lead will help that person build and lead a team, a company, a nation.

A New Standard of Leadership

We envision the CBL becoming known for a new standard of leadership excellence. This standard shall be based on biblical truth and evidence-based social science research, integrated into demonstrated leadership best practices, with the ultimate achievement being effective leadership to advance God’s kingdom.

Bridging Academic, Professional Worlds

In association with the Catherine T. MacArthur School of Leadership, the CBL is ideally positioned to bridge academic and professional worlds across all PBA schools to engage both students and current leaders with evidence-based theory as well as on-the-job practical applications.

PBA’s location and facilities provide an excellent venue to convene forums and conference events that engage thought leaders and practitioners on the critical issues of effective leadership development that honors God and achieves results.

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