Areas of Focus

An Integrated View of Leadership

Few existing leadership development programs in the United States integrate spiritual formation with leadership best practices and values-based, biblical knowledge. CBL believes this holistic approach is where sustained transformational change can be realized in both individuals and organizations.

Leading within Context

One’s ability to effect change is related to the context and culture of the organization. Our commitment is not only to work with an individual leader, but also teams and organizations.

Women Leaders

Research and training to increase the influence of women in the workplace is currently anemic. We will collaborate with groups focused on leaders who are women and who support research and development in this crucial area.

Critical Groundbreaking Research

The CBL will initiate and participate in best-practice and evaluative research to drive the discussion and energize innovation among thought leaders, academics and practitioners seeking to validate the impact and results of biblical leadership as well as put it into practice.

Effective External-Internal Partnering

Our strategic framework holds a systems view for an integrated, cohesive approach so that leadership initiatives across PBA support each other and support PBA’s strategic goals. The CBL will also broaden its network of partners already active in biblical leadership to link external market-place experience with students and internal academic programs, creating more effective impact.

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