About Dr. Sam Voorhies

SamFifty years ago, when Palm Beach Atlantic University was founded, the vision was “to train and equip Christian leaders with biblical knowledge and experience to be leaders in their businesses, at home as backbones of the community and leaders in their church family.” The Center for Biblical Leadership (CBL) will build on that vision, by engaging with Christian business leaders in the marketplace, and students so that graduates become servant leaders with high moral character and demonstrate outstanding citizenship in their communities, nation, and the world. 

A primary task will be to identify the most effective leadership practices needed to equip and enable faith leaders to lead from a biblical worldview, particularly in the marketplace.  The CBL will engage leaders locally, nationally and globally with practical tools and experiences to support and guide their leadership journey, grounded in the most effective leadership practices and use of the Bible’s teachings.

Housed in the  Catherine T. MacArthur School of Leadership, the CBL is the university’s sixth Center of Excellence, which are designed to allow select, highly motivated students to gain special expertise in a specific field. 

Dr. Sam Voorhies, the Center’s Director, has been president and CEO of Voorhies International Consulting since 2010. He taught numerous courses at seminaries and universities around the world from 1990 to 2017. During his 25 plus years with World Vision International, a Christian relief and development organization, Dr. Voorhies held several leadership roles. As World Vision’s global Director for Leadership and Organizational Development, he led key leadership initiatives across 100 offices in an organization with a $2.5 billion budget and staff of 40,000.


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