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An opportunity for current active duty soldiers!


About Green-To-Gold

The U.S. Army Green-to-Gold Program is an opportunity for current active duty soldiers to pursue their Bachelors or Master Degree and earn a commission through Army ROTC.  For questions about how to apply through your chain-of-command or application process, please  contact Mr. McCammon at
If accepted, you will enter the Advanced Course of the program. This course is for our junior, senior-level, or graduate level Cadets.
  • Fall-MSL 3201
  • Spring-MSL 3202
  • Summer-Advance Camp final leadership assessment at Ft. Knox, KY
  • Fall-MSL 4301
  • Spring-MSL 4302
  • MSL 4400 US Military History (Can be taken either spring semester)
A Minor in Military Science will be awarded if all Military Science Classes have been taken and passed.

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U.S. Army Green to Gold Program


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