B.A., Intercultural Studies + Master of Science, Global Development (3+2)

Do you desire to gain skills in ministering to diverse nationalities and cultures? How about truly making a brighter world? The program is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills and character needed for effective transformational work in international and/or urban settings giving you the foundation with a multi-disciplinary approach to study, coupled with a classroom that spans the world. Your light develops and grows as you acquire the skills of an economist, policy expert, entrepreneur, philosopher and theologian.  So a brighter you will be ready to shine, and know how to create sustainable development that lifts us all and causes real-world change.


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Organized foreign fieldwork which is tailored to the career trajectories that the graduate student desires to attain. Curriculum that includes a broad spectrum of skills from many disciplines which contribute to a well-rounded preparation for employment in the international development industry. This includes:

  • Cultural studies
  • Business skills
  • Policy
  • Strategic planning
  • Grant writing
  • Threat assessment
  • Social scientific research
  • And more!

This degree prepares graduate students to attain leadership positions in:

  • International governmental
  • Non-governmental
  • Private sector initiatives.

This includes:

  • Well-known international philanthropic entities
  • The activities of the US State Department 
  • United nations, and the many contractors utilized to fulfill contracts for services that these engage in. 


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