Master of Science, General Counseling Studies (Non-Licensure)

Program Learning Outcomes:

Students majoring in General Counseling Studies (Non-Licensure) will:

  • Demonstrate competence in helping skills unique to forming and utilizing professional relationships in in a variety of settings, including community, faith-based, non-profits, and higher education.
  • Demonstrate knowledge, in the areas of including human growth and development, group work, ethics in counseling, crisis intervention, and multicultural awareness, in preparation for a career in the helping field.
  • Demonstrate ability to integrate theologically informed and spiritually sensitive interventions when appropriate and desired by those who are being served.

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General Counseling Studies major: Successful completion of the prescribed curriculum of 36 credit hours with a 3.0 cumulative GPA and a grade of "B" or higher in COU 5133 - Counseling Skills and Characteristics and COU 5123 - Legal, Ethical, and Professional Standards.

Note: In addition to the graduation requirements specific to each major, student performance is assessed throughout the program in key performance indicators, overall progress, and professional dispositions, as outlined in the Counselor Education Handbook.


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