Allison Rice

Allison RiceThe English Teaching Assistant Program was a perfect fit for then-Palm Beach Atlantic University senior Allison Rice, who was named a Fulbright Award recipient in the spring of 2019.

A Fulbright is a highly-selective, prestigious award for international study that aims to foster understanding between U.S. citizens and those of other countries. During their term, recipients live, work, learn and serve with people from their host country.

Rice's destination? Bulgaria.

The Maryland native said she enjoys learning languages and teaching English — interests she discovered on a mission trip to Guatemala during her senior year of high school.

At PBA, she further explored those interests by volunteering to teach English to Arabic-speaking refugees at Bridges Language Academy and participating in a humanitarian aid trip to the Middle East.

Rice, who majored in biblical studies while minoring in English, also went on a 12-day study abroad trip to Germany.

Her Fulbright comes with a stipend to learn about the one language family she hasn’t yet studied: Slavic. Why Bulgaria? Her great-great-grandfather was Bulgarian, she said. 

Rice said she wouldn’t have thought about applying for the Fulbright if not for the encouragement of the faculty.

'I’m just really thankful for the support PBA provided.' Allison Rice