Isabella Lindh

IsabellaIsabella Lindh, a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan, earned a place in the Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Program serving in Bulgaria. She received the award in the spring of 2020, to begin her work in January 2021.

A Fulbright is a highly-selective, prestigious award for international study that aims to foster understanding between U.S. citizens and those of other countries. During their term, recipients live, work, learn and serve with people from their host country.

A 2018 graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University, Lindh majored in English and minored in education. She became well-known among faculty for her talent, work ethic and conscientiousness.

She recently finished her second year teaching English at Palm Springs Community Middle School, where she worked with a wide range of exceptional (ESE) students and second language-learning (ESOL) students. During her Fulbright term, she will teach English in Galabovo while doing speech and debate mentorship through the BEST Foundation.

“I have a passion for teaching and wanted to apply that in an environment that will expand both my worldview and the worldview of others,” Lindh said. She emphasized the importance of PBA’s educational environment, which enriched her faith while expanding her intellectual scope.

“PBA prepared me for the Fulbright with classes and professors who challenged my preconceptions." Isabella Lindh