Orlando Students Speak

"PBA equipped me with both the theory and practical skills to be an effective, transformational leader. Thanks to the classroom atmosphere rooted in a Christian worldview, I could count on my professors and peers to give me honest feedback that both challenged and confirmed my contributions and ideas generated from our work." Mark King
M.S. in Leadership
"PBA is so much more than just a school - it is a true community. From the smile you are greeted with each time you walk through the door to the professors that pray with you before beginning class, to the emails and calls you randomly receive by the staff when they know you are going through one of life's challenges, you know you are in a good place." Mary Dominguez
M.S. in Leadership
"My journey at PBA has been exciting, and I would highly reccomend this school to any adult learner that's looking to move forward in life and pursue higher education. Palm Beach Atlantic University allowed me to get the education and equipping that I need to be a more effective community leader and pastor, and now I'm ready to be a world-changer." Kelvin Cobaris
B.S. in Organizational Management
"My experience at PBA has impacted me both professionally and personally in profound ways. Not only have I been able to cultivate skills that are launching me into my dream career, but I have been able to do it in a family like environment that has facilitated much growth and personal healing. I never thought I would return to school, but my experience with PBA has been unlike any educational process I had been through before. The classes are intimate, thought provoking, challenging, and create the perfect storm to facilitate personal growth." Lauren Bower
M.S. in Counseling